Here are a few pages to help you out in your four years of B.Tech@IITG.

The medals: A short note on scholarships and medals

CL18 Batch: The Who's who of CL 2018

CSE: Syllabus: For those who understand CSE doesn't stand for computer science und engineering

Grad Skul: Everything at one place!

IITG Proffs: Useful stats about our CL proffs

Basic Research info: A few things before you get started

Europe Internship: Passport, visa, travelling, and everything else

GRE Word list: Think magoosh list is enough? or Barrons? Here we have all!

GRE Thesaurus: GRE words clubbed together to help you mug them

Python for GRE: Few codes to help you in your preparation of GRE