Here are a few pages that might seem helpful for the first yearites. The page is under construction and will always remain under construction. Subscribe to get updates about important links or addition to the site. Realize that this page contains links that are useful "only" for first yearites. Links mentioned here are useless for those not in first year.

Files for 1st Sem

A few previous year files to help you out.

Files for 2nd Sem

A few previous year files to help you out.

Research Basics

A must read to get an idea about the different jargons of the research world. Ensure that you go through this page before attending any research talk, intern talk, etc.


Confused on whether to take CS or MA as a minor for the undergraduate days? Do you know whether a CS minor can get you into the best of the software companies? Or should you just focus on Biotech as a minor? Here we delineate on a few points before to help you make the right decision.


Link to the alumni page. This page is still undergoing updates. We will inform you when it is complete. Also, you can access it quickly from above. Go to RECORD-->ALumni.

Scholarship and Medal

A thing or two about the prestigious scholarship, medals and versatile performer.

Advices for the Summers!

A thing or two about what to do during the summers, and how not to spend these three months watching youtube videos.