Important Links

CL-IITG The home page of our department. List of Proffs, courses, syllabus, etc.
CL Resources Files, lab manuals, ips, printer info, etc. etc.
Moodle A great tool for academics, but rarely used.
Class TT Well, this one is something that matters :)
CV IITG Template by Nitish Garg. This one saves a ton of trouble.
All Courses List of all courses that you will be taught in four years
Exam TT Bist du afraid?
Software Repo The famous software repository of academic softwares.
User Details Want to know who sent you that mail? Or the list of students in CL14?
Student list Who is that hot girl sitting in front of you?
Aliases Useful only when you have fucked up something!
Hostel IP To find the girl who uses dc.. Eh.. Jk
Complaint Useful when the lan stops, everything else can wait
Bus Timing Short, concise and useful. Red ones are on Friday only.
Acad-Affair Online The dreaded, infamous, irritating academic affair
Stud-Affair Online The dreaded, infamous, even more irritaiting, student affair
F Grade I wish you luck dear.
CCD Not the one outside library, but the one you should care about
Transcript Print it. Submit it. And if you are lucky, you will get it within time.
Minor Drop Had warned you to think before taking a minor, but kids..
CourseAdjust It is never too late to drop a B. Anand or a Goud Sir course.
Guest House Parents in college are never a private affair. Good luck.
Grades Tell me you got an AA, everything else sucks.
E-Payment #iwastherewhenthefeeswerelow #collegeistotallynotworththefees
Feedback If there are asses all around, an ass will be replaced by an ass.
HAB There is only one solution to bad food: pay fines!
Radio I hope they are playing more english songs now.
Campus Map Not much useful unless you are a first yearite or a natural geek.
Campus Map Old This one is: priceless.

Danke, Schuss!!