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  1. Pallavi

    19th March 2018 @21:40

    Should I take a maths minor? … Thanks!!!!

    • lennard jones

      19th March 2018 @23:40

      Hey, it depends a lot on what are you trying to achieve as a final goal. If job is a final goal for you (the case with majority) then a maths minor won't really help you out. Few courses might help you in your projects, etc. However, overall if you are aiming for a job in coding or even in chemical engg sector, its highly unlikely maths minor will help.

      On the other hand if you are more of a trying out guy, you can and should go for a minor. It will be useful in some of the research going on in our department or even in some other interdepartment work. You can read the minor page for more info.

  2. Ravi Choudhary

    26th March 2018 @03:40

    How do i improve my grades?

    • lennard jones

      26th March 2018 @11:40

      I have heard studying in your room helps. You can try out the library for a change. Sorry, but that is the only way to improve your grades dear.

      • Ravi

        28th March 2018 @11:40

        I have heard getting grades is easy after second sem. How true is that?

        • Anand

          28th March 2018 @19:23

          Yup, its comparatively easier to improve your grades once you are inside the chemical branch. This is partly due to the fact that grading occurs relative to 70 rather than 700, and partly because students too become a bit sincere related to grades.

        • lennard jones

          29th March 2018 @19:23

          I think anand's reply is quiet apt. One more thing, its a common habit that people don't study in their first two years thinking that the grades will improve after third sem.
          However, the truth is that it is rare for a 6 pionter to get a 9 after second sem. Once you loose the momentum to study , you are all dead dear.

  3. gfhjkllkj

    27th April 2018 @06:20

    bro there should be the sitemap, pages are so random, it is very difficult to find a page

    • lennard jones

      19th March 2018 @23:40

      Oh, thanks for bringing that up, will surely put a sitemap on the first page. Meanwhile you can subscribe to the site to get updates.


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