Getting Your own Account

Step 1: Why?

First things first, why do you need an account on Param Ishan? Do you really have a problem that needs a super computer to solve? Or you just one of those who want to take pride in using a supercomputer? There are many, in fact most UGs feel happy on getting an account in PI (saumitra?). Well, whatever be your reason, you need the permission from a faculty at IIT Guwahati to be able to use Param Ishan. Also, keep in mind that though PI is fast (obviously very fast), your job will be slowed down due to the queuing problems of Param Ishan. There are lots of people using it at the same time and keep submitting their jobs one after another. Most of them are just wasting the resources (I have realized that the few who actually do some useful work resort to their personal GPUs or clusters instead of relying on this machine). And you will be one name in this big list. Once you submit the job, it will go into a pending task list. Depending on how much resources you request (the entire PI is not provided at your behest!), there will be a time lag between your command and the actual running of the script. Though at times it hardly takes a minute to start, but once you start depending on it, it can even take days!! Good Luck :)

Step 2: Getting a Prof

To access the supercomputer, you need to have an account on PI. This account will be provided by some people who sit at the CC. However, they don't create account unless a professor chooses to host them. So, your first step is to get a prof who will host you.

Step 3: Portal

This is the link to the online portal. Fill in the details about yourself and your professor. Click on submit. A request will be sent to create an account for you. They should reply you (on your webmail) in a an hour or two (at max it takes a day). They will create your account under your webmail id name. And your password will be some part of that webmail id followed by @123. This way you know the password of almost every other guy who never cared to change it. But you don't really gain anything by knowing this password, because most of them are not really doing anything. Anyways, once you get your account id and password, login and change it.

Step 4: Accessing The account

Once you fill in the above form, install SSH Secure Shell (from software repository) so that you can access your account from your hostel room. There are three sets of login you can do to carry out your computation. CPU, GPU and LPU. The IP's are 172.17.0.x, where x is 7,8 and 9 respectively. Follow these steps:

Step 5: Staying safe

The password you got isn't a safe one. The first thing you should do is change it. Simply follow these steps:

Now, unlike the 99% other users, your account is safe. But does that matter? Only time will tell :)


Jobs in ParamIshan are run using scripts, you need to create one for your own use. Here is a sample script to help you out. Remember, you can always contact the paramishan guys regarding any help you need. No one can expect you to be well versed with supercomputer jargons before you start using one.

There is no limit on how much resources of param ishan you can specify in your script (nodes*cpu/node), however, the more you specify, the more will be the time lag before the job is allocated. How this thing works is something you have no control over (though you can take a course on queuing systems).